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When a couple gets married they will find that there will be advice coming to them from all different directions. There will be some good advice as well as some bad advice so all couples should just take what they learn and move on. However there are several pieces of valuable advice that will help all newlyweds have a good start to their marriage. This article will explain those pieces of advice to you and hopeful you will take them to heart and help your marriage off to a great start.

Treat Each Other Carefully

The first year of any marriage can be tough even for the perfect couple. This is why you should treat each other carefully and use the ugly moments to learn more about each other as well as learning about yourself. You need to be careful as to what you say to each other because when you say something that you will regret later it can be detrimental to the marriage and your relationship. This being said you should be careful how you treat each other with your words and your actions.

Remain your Own Individual

When you finally tie the knot you will thin that you need to be a couple in every aspect. While being a couple is definitely important it is also important that you remain as your own individual as well. Many times new married couples get involved in being newlyweds that they often forget about themselves. This is not a good thing. You should keep the hobbies that you did before your were married and keep some friends outside of your marriage also. By keeping your individuality you will see that your marriage will be much happier for years to come.

Go To Bed Angry

Most people will give you the advice to not go to bed angry. There is research that is showing just the opposite and telling couples that going to bed angry is actually the best thing to do. It will give you plenty of time to calm down and think about things for a little while. Emotions typically run high during an argument and things are always said that are not really meant which leads to a much larger argument. But if you sleep on it you might find that you feel differently in the morning and will be able to have a much calmer conversation.

Have Another Married Couple Mentor You

Many couples are blessed with having an older couple that has had a long and successful marriage mentor them. What this means is that they can offer guidance to you to help you through the tough times or even to just give little pieces of advice throughout at least the first year of marriage. It is amazing how much a new married couple can learn from someone who has been where you are now and survived for many years to follow.

Make Memories Together

Every one knows that the first year as a married couple is special. This is the perfect time to make memories together. Many of these memories will happen naturally but there will be opportunities for you to go out of your way to make memories. Examples of these are traveling together or even coming up with a couple of easy but memorable habits such as making it a point to go for brunch every Sunday after church. It does not matter what you do but what matters is that you do it.

Being a newlywed couple will only last a short period of time. It is important that this be a time that you remember the good things and not be focused on the bad. If you follow the advice that is above you should have smooth sailing throughout at least the first year of your marriage.

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