The 6 Best Teen Dating Apps You Should Try in 2018

Teen Dating Apps

Teen dating apps exist and they do have pretty strict restrictions on who can join them. There’s virtually an app for everything. When mobile apps weren’t popular, people used to make new friends at school clubs, adventure camps, and church gatherings. If you like to know more about people before actually meeting them, using a virtual interface can be a good idea. Here we have picked six teen dating apps that you can try in 2018.

Best Teen Dating Apps 2018

Hot or Not

It’s an adult dating community that started as a website. Now it available in mobile app version for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is free to download and allows teens (13 to 18) to sign up and use certain features. Launched in 2000, the original website was quite popular but it was struggling that time. Later, Andrey Andreev, CEO of Badoo bought the website and turned it into one of the best teen dating apps of 2018.

Since the app is also used by thousands of adults worldwide, teenagers won’t be able to use certain features. The app is designed in a way that it rates people as ‘hot’ based on their popularity. Teens and adults use it to find the hottest people in nearby places.

Things to remember: Teen dating apps are intended for fun. If you’re using one, focus more on making good friends rather than looking for potentially dangerous mates.


Users who are 16 years old or above can use Skout. With more than a million users worldwide, Skout is a popular dating app among teens and adults. The goal of the app is to connect people by using proximity-based search results. Users can find new people, chat with them, and live broadcast events. Users can also browse profiles, see user-generated content, and promote their own profile. Just like other teen dating apps on Android and iOS, more features of the app can be unlocked if you register as a premium member.

Things to remember: Apps that allow teenagers and adults on a single platform are not completely safe. Most of these apps are good for single adults who are seeking romantic relationships. None of the teen dating apps guarantees that the content you share will be safe and can’t be compromised. So, do things smartly and don’t reveal your personal information.


Azar is suitable for users who are 13 years old or above. The app is available in more than 130 plus countries. It allows you to chat with people in different languages. There’s an in-built real-time chat translator that instantly translates chat messages. Azar offers the same popular swipe and matches functionality. The app also supports video calling, facial recognition stickers, and costume effects.

Things to remember: Some teen dating apps look at a user’s GPS location to find people who are nearby. Users’ profile photos appear as flashcards on others’ device. If you feel that someone is suspicious, stop speaking to them and block them immediately.


It’s one of the growing teen dating apps that allows users to meet new people using private chats and live streams. After downloading the app, you will be able to browse available profiles. Recommended profiles will also appear on your phone.

If you want to connect with someone, you can swipe right. Swiping left means you’re not interested in a profile. The live stream on this app option allows users to go live with up to 10 users. A live stream can be seen by an unlimited number of users called Watchers.

The watchers can interact with streamers using the live chat option. The best thing is that the developer has shared a very detailed safety guide for teenagers. It shows that the company cares about its customers. No matter if you’re joining this app or any other teen dating app, the guide, available on their website, is a must read.

Things to remember: Bullying can be hurtful on social networks. Sometimes, adults join such platforms and pretend to be teenagers for various reasons. If you notice any such things, trust your instincts. Don’t add anyone to your friend list if you don’t feel comfortable.


Before you start using this app, make sure that you’re at least 18 years old. On the Bumble app, when two users right-swipe on each other’s profile, then a match is created. The app follows the ladies first philosophy. To start a discussion, female users always make the first move. Matches remain active for 24 hours and if no chat is initiated, the match expires. Users can also find same-sex matches and any of them can initiate a chat.

Things to remember: The photos, videos or any other content you share online can be used against you. Do not trust people or app features too much. Before joining a dating app, read all the terms and conditions documents and know your rights as a user.


Most of the teen dating apps aren’t dedicated to teens, MyLOL is specifically designed for teens. The app can be downloaded from Apple and Google app stores. MyLOL is a social network for teens where users create their profile, chat with others, vote posts, and upload photos.

Things to remember: Never let an app get too much information from you. Don’t allow anyone to know personal information. No matter if it’s about the place you live, the school you attend or the friends you go out with.

Avoid communication with profiles that don’t look like they belong to a genuine user. If you feel like you’re not comfortable with an app or need help, speak to your parents and discuss everything.

Using a dating app with a largely adult population is not a very good idea. It’s an open invitation to danger. There’s a reason why app developers and parents put some limits. Keep in mind that there are restrictions because they want young users to feel much safer and better. The good thing is that as a teenager, you can use these teen dating apps as they offer teen-friendly features.

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